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Solve the Problem With Safety Recall Management Solutions from AutoAp

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    Increase revenue and profitability


    Save Significant Time and Money


    Reduce Company Liability


    Increase Customers' Safety


    Automate Recall Discovery


    Obtain Stop Sale Notifications

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Generate Revenue

Find out more about the broken safety recall ecosystem: "The Safety Recall Morass" (Whitepaper)

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Verify recall status through AutoAp's Recall Status Now! when you acquire vehicles.

Increase profitability!

Know before you buy with Recall Status Now! Off-brand vehicles with open recalls cost money and add time getting front-line ready. Open recalls on in-brand vehicles generate warranty reimbursement revenue opportunities.

On-demand, accurate recall status lookup — in mobile app and browser-based web service.


Do you know the safety recall status of ALL your vehicles? Are you sure?

Reduce liability!

For acquisition, post-sale and while vehicles are on the front line, using a comprehensive and automated safety recall discovery and notification service further reduces your risk.

AutoAp's Safety Recall Insights℠ provides on-demand business intelligence to know the financial and liability impacts that safety recalls have on your operations, along with customized and actionable recommendations for operational performance improvements.

Daily status reports, alerts, consumer disclosure statements and business intelligence.


Generate revenue and increase profitability by finding more safety recalls with AutoAp's automated recall software.

Additional warranty reimbursement revenue!

Your customer inventory is a goldmine of potential recall repair revenue! Generate net-new service revenue and increase customer safety, customer engagement and CSI with Customer Recall Revenue.

Safety Recall revenue discovery of customers' vehicles: Batch & weekly.