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With significant errors and delays in every other source, is our dealership really covered?
Nearly every brand and every vehicle has been affected by safety recalls.

Your liability risk increases significantly when you sell vehicles that become involved in accidents caused by unrepaired safety recalls.

Dealers are being named in safety recall litigation, and the public relations problems can do irreparable harm.

If you do not have a safety recall management policy and are not commited to having the processes and tools in place to effectively manage recalls on a daily basis, then you may be risking your franchise.


Am I missing warranty revenue by not tracking open safety recalls on our sold-customer vehicles?
Dealers can miss the revenue and CSI opportunity that open safety recalls represent on their sold vehicles.

The average open safety recall rate for private-party vehicles is about 25%, and in addition to the OEM warranty reimbursement, the recall customer touchpoint can result in service upsell opportunities and new car sales.


How can we easily increase profitability and avoid costs if we know the accurate recall status on vehicles before we buy?
Whether it’s a trade-in, dealer trade, or an auction purchase, off brand vehicles with open safety recalls can add significant cost and time to repair and may not even have a remedy available from the manufacturer.

In-brand vehicles with open safety recalls offer opportunity for OEM warranty reimbursement revenue.


Are we wasting valuable resources trying to manage safety recall compliance?
In addition to the OEMs mandating recall policy compliance on CPO vehicles, a growing number of recall regulations at the federal, state and local level make compliance difficult.

The Federal Trade Commission has imposed consent orders and large penalties on dealer groups based on truth in advertising regulations when dealers advertise vehicles with open recalls as safety checked.

The Federal FAST Act / Safe Rental Car law requires dealers with more than 35 rental/loaner vehicles to ground them when affected by open recalls.

States are increasing their regulation of dealers regarding vehicles with safety recalls as well, with some requiring consumer notification of open recalls on used vehicles at the time of sale, and others requiring compliance with rental/loaner regulations that can apply to dealers with as few as 1 loaner/rental.

Worse, obtaining Stop Sale and Do Not Drive recall status for off-brands is next to impossible, yet some states make it illegal to sell affected vehicles.


How can we easily document the vehicle recall status at sale and audit our sold vehicles for open recalls?
Because recalls can be issued at any time, documenting and disclosing the vehicle recall status at the point of sale can help you avoid disputes with customers who discover through public sources that the vehicle you sold them on Monday has an open recall on Tuesday.

Post-sale auditing can help you identify where internal recall policy implementation is falling short of your management commitments.


Are our manual processes fool-proof?
Manual methods = missed recalls, and missed recalls = lost profit and higher liability.

Automating can not only save you time and money, it enables you to free up people to provide you even more value.

What do our clients know about recall management that you don’t?

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Why does it take so much time to manage safety recalls on your own?

The Broken Safety Recall System

NHTSA’s official year, make, and model safety recall database contains significant errors and publication timing delays in assigning recalls to the correct model years and models, and NHTSA’s VIN-specific recall lookup site ( can fail to report open recalls.

OEMs' public recall sites and their dealer communications portals can be out of sync and report different VIN-specific recall status as well as having issues with recall status accuracy.

Franchised dealers are forced to use this unreliable public recall information for off-brand inventory, while in-brand inventory requires time-consuming manual lookup in the dealer communications systems.

The Broken Safety Recall System


OEM Recall Sites
  • >  VIN Recall Status Verify
DCS Portals
  • >  GM Global Connect
  • >  Ford Oasis
  • >, etc.
Errors, Inconsistencies
& Timing Issues
  • >  VIN Recall Status Verify
NHTSA Database
  • >  YMMS Safety Recall Data
Errors & False Negatives
Attribution & Timing Issues

Find out why your dealership might not be covered: "The Safety Recall Morass" (Whitepaper)

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Solve the Problem With Safety Recall Management Solutions from AutoAp

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Increase profitability!

Know before you buy with Recall Status Now! Off-brand vehicles with open recalls cost money and add time getting front-line ready. Open recalls on in-brand vehicles generate warranty reimbursement revenue opportunities.

On-demand, accurate recall status lookup — in mobile app and browser-based web service.


Reduce liability!

Dealers put themselves at serious risk of liability when they sell vehicles with unrepaired safety recalls. Dynamic Recall Management monitors your inventory with the Industry’s most accurate, timely and comprehensive recall solution on the market.

The accompanying Safety Recall Insights℠ provides on-demand business intelligence to know the financial and liability impacts that safety recalls have on your operations, along with customized and actionable recommendations for operational performance improvements.

For single-point franchised dealers looking for a simple, low-cost recall alerting service, our Quick Recall Management (QRM℠) provides reporting on a daily basis. It is simple to sign up.

Daily status reports, alerts, consumer disclosure statements and business intelligence.


Additional warranty reimbursement revenue!

Your customer inventory is a goldmine of potential recall repair revenue! Generate net-new service revenue and increase customer safety, customer engagement and CSI with Customer Recall Revenue.

Safety Recall revenue discovery of customers' vehicles: Batch & weekly.

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