Rental Car Companies are prohibited from renting, leasing or selling vehicles with open safety recalls as required by the FAST Act – Safe Rental Car Law.

Managing Safety Recalls Has Become Significantly More Difficult

In addition to the enactment of the Safe Rental Car Law, the increase in the number of safety recalls issued since 2000, affecting more than 150 million vehicles, has dramatically increased the cost and effort now required to effectively manage recalls.

Compliance with the Safe Rental Car Law means that smart rental car companies should monitor every vehicle, every day. Given the errors and out of sync data from the manufacturers and NHTSA, it is increasingly difficult to know the accurate safety recall status on every vehicle in your fleet every day, with any degree of confidence.

The Broken Safety Recall System

NHTSA's official year, make, and model safety recall database contains errors and publication timing delays in assigning recalls to the correct model years and models, and NHTSA's VIN-specific recall lookup site ( can fail to report open recalls.

OEMs' public recall sites and their dealer communications portals can be out of sync and report different VIN-specific recall status as well as having issues with recall status accuracy.

The Broken Safety Recall System


OEM Recall Sites
  • >  VIN Recall Status Verify
DCS Portals
  • >  GM Global Connect
  • >  Ford Oasis
  • >, etc.
Errors, Inconsistencies
& Timing Issues
NHTSA's recall reporting system is broken and contains errors and timing delays.
  • >  VIN Recall Status Verify
NHTSA Database
  • >  YMMS Safety Recall Data
Errors & False Negatives
Attribution & Timing Issues

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AutoAp's automated, multi-sourced safety recall discovery process is more accurate than NHTSA's database, VIN lookup, vehicle history reports and in many cases even more accurate and timely than manufacturer's recall status data.
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Can you wait for the mail to notify drivers? Official OEM recall notifications can be delayed by up to two months after NHTSA and/or the OEMs have published safety recall information. Knowing the recall status on your fleet as early as possible gives you options prior to forced-grounding requirements of the FAST Act, and can get you ahead of the line for recall repairs.
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Rental companies estimate that as much as 70% of the official recall notices they receive from manufacturers are for vehicles that are not in their fleet, causing wasted effort to organize and reconcile. AutoAp only processes vehicles that you tell us are in your fleet.

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  • > Print date/time stamped recall status reports, documenting the vehicle's recall status
  • > Audit trail tracking to support internal recall processes

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