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Are your clients asking for a safety recall solution?

Does your company or organization support auto dealerships, rental car companies, fleets, OEMs and other auto-related organizations with innovative software solutions?

If your clients want to easily manage the complex and time-consuming world of vehicle safety recalls, consider integrating with AutoAp's best-in-class safety recall management software as a service (SaaS).

AutoAp's safety recall management solutions ensure that your clients will get the highest-quality, most-timely safety recall information possible, reducing their recall liability, eliminating confusion and the manual effort associated with managing the complex world of safety recall verification.

If your company provides software solutions to companies and organizations with fleets of vehicles, we can provide you with VIN-specific safety recall status to present to your clients.

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Total Customer Connect
"Over the years, we have worked with several providers of recall information, but are delighted to now be working with AutoAp. We have found that the quality of their services, including the accuracy of identifying vehicles affected by specific recalls, is unsurpassed, and, much like us, they are a collaborative partner working to benefit the industry." Shawn Rajabi, Total Customer Connect, Founder and CEO
"True professionals with a wealth of industry experience, AutoAp's responsiveness and attention to detail make them a welcome strategic partner." Yuriy Kamsha, Total Customer Connect, CTO
"Working together with AutoAp, Inc., Text2Drive's Recall Notifications were able to help dealerships fix over 10,000 safety recalls in the first two months of 2023 alone. We look forward to helping even more dealerships bring back customers to complete these vital repairs with our continued partnership." Text2Drive

Dennis McGinn, CEO, Rapid Recon
On Integrating with AutoAp

"LeasePlan investigated different solutions, before finally choosing AutoAp, Inc. who rose to the top of our list for a number of reasons. The biggest endorsement is their overall business model. Their primary customer base is new car dealers. The fact that a Nissan dealer would pay AutoAp for their services over getting their recall data for free from Nissan Motor Company points to the efficacy and reliability of their data and processes. Developing our program with AutoAp couldn't have been easier. They were very responsive to our requests and were able to make adjustments and provide flexibility for us when needed, which was instrumental in getting this program to work at the standards we set for ourselves and our clients." John Ciarlone, LeasePlan USA, Director, Product Development