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The Broken Recall Ecosystem and What You Can do About it.

Mar, 24 2021

Multi-store Auto Dealer Solves Recall Problems!

This week, AutoAp hears from its happy customers! The president of multi-store auto dealer Carr Auto Group, Brad Preble, talks about his experiences trying to manage safety recalls prior to AutoAp. Like most dealers, he thought he was covered, spending a lot of time trying to stay up to date on safety recall information and manually checking the 1,000 plus vehicle VIN numbers. After automating with AutoAp's "Recalls-as-a-Service", his monthly warranty revenue increased, his liability decreased and he even sold more vehicles as a result!

Mar, 10 2021

How a Small Company Solved a Big Problem

Today is the first weekly post of AutoAp's story. A story of how our small company is leading the automotive industry in safety recall solutions and technologies. The Federal Government's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), is supposed to be the #1 source when it comes to safety recall information. Unfortunately, NHTSA has error prone and delayed safety recall information. We uncovered this in 2014 and we believed that something needed to be done. This article spells out the issues with dealers, rental car companies and fleet managers relying on NHTSA information.