Increase Profits, Reduce Liability, while Saving Time and Money

The Broken Recall Ecosystem and What You Can do About it.

Apr, 28 2021

"I Thought I Was Covered!"
Clients Felt They Were Covered When It Came to Safety Recalls

After using AutoAp's services, they realized how much revenue they were previously leaving on the table due to missed recalls - as a result of manual checking. Clients share the results of using AutoAp's multi-sourced, automated services.

Apr, 21 2021

Improve Recall Performance through Automation

You can never be prepared for everything, especially in the automotive recall world. Errors and delays litter the auto recall ecosystem and can cause dealers and consumers alike to miss recalls. Unfortunately, managing recall information is usually performed manually. This can lead to missing recalls which means you're missing warranty reimbursement and selling unsafe vehicles - putting your customers at risk. You can save time and money while generating additional revenue and decreasing liability - with AutoAp's services - during acquisition, while in inventory, and post-sale.

Apr, 14 2021

How a Small Company Solved a Big Problem:

Over the past 5 weeks, we have told the story of AutoAp to date and shared how AutoAp helps our clients increase profitability, reduce liability, increase customer and driver safety while saving time and money - through automation. Hear what our clients say about the value they receive.

Apr, 07 2021

How a Small Company Increases Profits and Reduces Liability

Franchised dealers can generate significantly more service renevue, on top of reducing liability and improving compliance. Clients say it best: "The service pays for itself ten times over, every month."

Mar, 31 2021

Major Fleet Leasing Company Selects AutoAp

In this week's post, we look back to our announcement at our partnership with LeasePlan. When working in the Automotive industry, safety is always one of our clients' most important priorities and having the most accurate and timely safety recall information available - delivered in an automated way - is the best way to ensure this quality. Our friends at LeasePlan felt the same way, and now they can be confident that their clients' fleets of vehicles are always up to date with timely, accurate safety recall verification and notifications.