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The Broken Recall Ecosystem and What You Can do About it.

May, 26 2021

How Can Safety Recall Repairs Help Beat Today's Inventory Shortage?

The recent global chip shortage is causing havoc with new car production and dealership inventory. How can dealers find alternative revenue sources? Safety recall repairs are one of the first places to look. Average warranty reimbursement and customer pay for a safety recall repair typically yield $500 in gross margin. How can dealers find more safety recall repairs? It starts with automation. Learn more on this episode of the AutoSuccess Podcast.

May, 19 2021

"I Can't Afford Cheap" - Which is What We Get From Other Services

Quality of information is essential to our clients. Why? When safety is at stake, caring dealers want to know how their customers are affected. AutoAp dealers get comprehensive, accurate daily alerts to monitor existing inventory and alert current customers when new recalls are announced and help dealers acquire safer vehicles.

Quality and timely recall information has three crucial benefits: It makes you money, it keeps you compliant and it keeps your customers safe.

May, 12 2021

Is the Pandemic Effecting Your Dealership?

As the global chip shortage threatens vehicle supply and car dealer profitability, safety recall repairs can make a big difference. Read our latest article in AutoSuccess!

May, 5 2021

"I Generate Enough Revenue to More Than Pay for the Service"

Franchised dealers can generate revenue with AutoAp…even AFTER a vehicle sale. Safety recalls are published nearly every day. More often than not, your customers don't realize their vehicle has an open recall because of notification delays by the manufacturer. With AutoAp, franchised dealers can proactively identify open recalls and bring your customers in for repairs. It's free to the customer, you can increase your CSI score and you can generate more revenue through both recall work and customer-pay.

Apr, 28 2021

"I Thought I Was Covered!"
Clients Felt They Were Covered When It Came to Safety Recalls

After using AutoAp's services, they realized how much revenue they were previously leaving on the table due to missed recalls - as a result of manual checking. Clients share the results of using AutoAp's multi-sourced, automated services.