Cancellation Policy

1. General

This Cancellation Policy ("Policy") applies between you ("Client", "You" or "your") and AutoAp, Inc., (referred to as "AutoAp", the "Company" or "we"), when you purchase services from AutoAp ("Services").

Please read the Policy carefully. By ordering or purchasing Services you are agreeing to this Policy as well as the Terms of Use (TOU) and Terms of Sale (TOS). If you do not understand the Terms or do not accept any part of them, do not place an order or purchase Services, or if you already have Services, please contact AutoAp to cancel the Services.

2. Intent

AutoAp's intent is that Clients receive the highest value from our services. We want to be easy to work with. Part of this is to ensure you can easily cancel any service you have.

3. Set Up

Your payment method will not be charged until and unless you are fully set up in our system. This includes starting you on alerts of newly-added safety recalls to your inventory or newly-added vehicles with existing safety recalls. You will receive an email with a link to cancel your service. IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE A "Welcome Aboard" EMAIL WITHIN FIVE (5) BUSINESS DAYS, PLEASE CALL US. After you receive your first report, you will receive a report every time there is change to the safety recall status. If there are no newly-added recalls, you will not receive a report.

4. Cancellation

This is a 'month to month' service: You can cancel at any time. Due to the costs we incur over the period of performance, we charge for the upcoming month. When you click the cancelation link (in the "Welcome Aboard" email), your service will end at the end of that month and you will not be charged any more (unless you restart the service).

Effective Date / Date Last Modified

This Cancellation Policy is effective as of September 1, 2020.